Be prepare for upcoming work and money problems.

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Be prepare for upcoming work and money problems.

Problems with work, unemployment, reduced income. Being employed, etc., financial problems. That will occur in the future. If preparing to deal with. It early will help alleviate suffering Loss of property or damage to life can reduce more or less. This kind of thing is ready to happen to our lives at any time.

Our lives have many things. On the bad side ready to come It could unexpected life accident. Which may affect work Causing to demoted, reduced salary, or hired out, or the job at work may face various problems. and follow by problems with work, income, preparation or take immediate action when encountering these crises the sooner The more you can reduce the loss. Because nowadays, technology has brought in to replace humans, causing more people to lose their jobs. And some jobs are time to close permanently. Publishers, bookstores, banks, businesses tend to be smaller. less staff but uses high-tech tools to work instead More people will unemployee.

Guidelines for preparing for work and financial crises

Examples of preparing for various crises that may occur with work job duties work problems and money problems that may happen or is going to happen in the near future

Stop monthly cell phone usage.

Using a monthly mobile phone is very difficult to control expenses. And there is also a tie-in deduction, for example, some apps secretly buy stuff. Or do something that makes you lose money. Having SMS charge by the system itself. we know nothing And there are still many other expenses that follow. If members of the house use mobile phones monthly, they should immediately seek to reduce expenses in this section. and find ways to use other promotions that save money at UFABET.

Talk to members of the house to understand.

When financial problems arise If living together as a family It is necessary to talk to members of the house to understand the financial situation. and must save Don’t wait for crisis time. may be difficult to fix

stop using installment products

The use of installment products, especially high-value products with long-term installments such as houses, cars, and motorcycles or even a mobile phone Should find a way to cut this debt as soon as possible. like that car There will be some websites like that can turn off financing and provide financing services for buyers. convenience Don’t wait for life to get into trouble, reduce your dignity, reduce your prestige. survive first

Some cars, some sellers are very hot for money. From the set down sale price of almost four hundred thousand, but when the actual sale may be less than three hundred thousand baht, the seller must agree to let go. Because it is a big car, big engine, consumes oil. If you continue to use it. It will be more difficult to sell, the more the price will fall and there is a chance that the price will suppress even more, the more you keep, the more financial problems are approaching. a lot Some people don’t understand This continued to pull In the end. The car must be given to other people for free.