How to cure fungal nails From gel nails manicure

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Who gets gel nails done often? Whether you’re wearing nail polish or nail extensions. You often have fungal problems. From having your nails done for a long time. Today we are going to share with you how to cure fungal nails and make them come back as good as before. Anyone who gets their gel nails done often must see this!!

1. Remove the extension nail. and remove all gel nails

It’s already a fungus. You have to stop having beautiful nails first! Do not do your nails repeatedly. In order to completely hide the fungus stains Even though the nails may not look beautiful, But I have to accept it. Then hurry and treat the fungus as quickly as possible. before it spreads and becomes difficult to treat So remember that if it’s fungus then Never do your nails to hide them!

2. Don’t let your nails get wet.

Because mold is often cause by dampness. When the gel nails are remove You should take good care of your nails. If you wash your hands, you should dry them every time. Don’t let your hands get wet. Try not to wear gloves as this can make you sweaty and stuffy.สมัคร ufabet

3. Disinfect with alcohol.

Wash your hands thoroughly at all times. Disinfect with alcohol You may spray the nail area with fungus. You will feel cool from the alcohol. and helps reduce other germs that may accumulate as well

4. Don’t miss out on drops of medicine to treat fungus.

The important thing is to drip the antifungal medicine both in the morning and in the evening and never forget it. Try asking a pharmacist for advice on how to use it. and keep dripping medicine continuously So that the fungus gradually decreases and prevents it from increasing again. It is recommended to file the nail surface gently. This allows the medicine to penetrate as close to the fungus as possible.

5. See a dermatologist

If you have had fungus for a long time. And are chronic and cannot be cured. You should see a dermatologist for examination and to choose the correct treatment. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics. If anyone has a lot of it and is afraid it will spread to other nails. It is best to go see a dermatologist immediately.