Phuket Mining Museum See the history of the prosperous mining era.

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Phuket Mining Museum See the history of the prosperous mining era.

A tourist attraction that retains the aura of the past. Probably inevitable, the museum. This is it. Let’s go to the Mining Museum. Which is located in the real place of Phuket better reputed to be a real place Mining knowledge and resolution definitely full If so, let’s go and see to UFABET.

History Mining Museum

Kathu Mining Museum is locate in Kathu Subdistrict, Kathu District, Phuket Province. Which is an area of ​​the old high pipe mine. Which exhibits the mining history of Kathu and is an important source of learning for the next generation. Inside the museum is divided into 2 parts. Which are outside the building that has a run quarry, hole quarry, port quarry, injection quarry, and hole quarry. That exhibits the history of tin mining and the way of life of the miners.

In this area, there will be a total area of ​​over 400 rai. It is a museum building built in the style of Sino-Portuguese art. about one and a half stories high It is also beautifully and harmoniously combined with the stucco pattern. and this building is called “Ang Mo Lao Nai Hua Mine” and as it is known that the mine regarded as a natural resource That is an important economic base of Phuket in the past, sure enough.

When tin began to run out. This mine that is It was a large high pipe mine in Phuket. That was left to become a degraded wasteland until in 2007. The Kathu Subdistrict Municipality develop the area into a mining museum. with the idea to promote the conservation of natural resources and community history

Especially in this Kathu sub-district. 

In the past, most of the mining was tin. The remains of this ancient mine Therefore, there is both the value and the spirit of wisdom of the ancestors of Phuket. That is worthy of conservation as a source of learning for future generations to continue, sure enough. Until it was completed in the year 2008 and is open for service until now.

 It is another tourist attraction of Phuket that has an aura of the past. And also have the knowledge for future generations to learn from each other as well another museum that I want you to try and see So this way, let’s take a look inside. Mining Museum