David de Gea shy Manchester United form too bad.

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David de Gea the fierce bull goalkeeper Embarrassed by Manchester United’s form. Admits it was a nightmare after a nightmare In the team’s unbeaten 1-4 defeat by Watford in the league on Saturday.

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea was disappointed. Embarrassed to see the poor form of the agency. Which is considered a nightmare after the Manchester United football team defeated Watford 1-4 in the English Premier League on Saturday, November 20 ago.

Mr. Spaniard Save two penalties early in the game. But was unable to save the team by the first half, scoring two goals from Joshua King and Ismaila Sarr. And then conceding two goals in the second half from Pedro and Emmanuel Dane. Nice have led the team to four defeats in their last five games in the top flight.

“There is not much to say. It’s embarrassing to see Manchester United play like we did today.” De Gea told Sky Sports after the game to blame the manager. Or the team but sometimes it’s a player. We have to show more than we do. It was an embarrassing first half. We conceded four goals in 45 minutes. It was difficult to watch the team play today. It’s a nightmare after a nightmare. It is unacceptable.”

At the same time, the 31-year-old Dan also came out to say that the Red Devils team is far from trophies. Not worthy of a great club Because the way of playing does not make the team successful, so everyone has to work together and keep working hard. This is the reality that happened. And I have to apologize to the fans once again for this bad form.

For Manchester United, now in seventh place in the table with 17 points from 12 games, 12 points behind leaders Chelsea. With the next match away at Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League. League group stage on Tuesday, November 23, before visiting navy blue lion Sunday, November 28.