Gareth Bale reveals the reason for being substitute at halftime.

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Wales winger Gareth Bale revealed. Why he was substitute out of the field at halftime in the 5-1 win over Belarus on Saturday.

Gareth Bale has made his 100th appearance for Wales football team. Making his return to the field since a lengthy injury since mid-September. But he was only on the field for the first 45 minutes of the game in a 5-1 win over Belarus.

Gareth Bale was originally expect to play for around an hour. But due to an early substitute at half-time. The Real Madrid winger admitt it was a plan agreed with head coach Robert Page already. Because there is another game against Belgium in Cardiff waiting on Tuesday.

“I feel good. I want to capture the rhythm of the game. And it’s not easy We felt that just 45 minutes was enough. And we have full control of the game.”

“It goes according to our plan. I will play 45 minutes and if we have two or more goals. there is no need to risk playing for another fifteen minutes.”

“I haven’t been on the field for two months. The plan is to play, try and get ready for Tuesday’s game. I’m happy to be back It was a very difficult road to come back from injury. But it was worth it.”

Bale provide one assist as Neco Williams score the second to give Wales a 2-0 first-half lead before beating Belarus 5-1 at the end of 90 minutes. According to report by ufabet