Joan Laporta hopes Messi and Iniesta return to Barcelona.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta hopes Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta return to Barcelona in the future.

         “I throw in” Xabi Hernandez as boss and bring former player Dani Alves back to help the football team through the current crisis of the team for free on Wednesday past.

         While both Messi and Iniesta remain at the club.Joan Laporta has confirmed the pair could return to the club in the future.

         “I didn’t rule out that opportunity (Messi and Iniesta returned to Barca), it happened with Dani and I have to thank him because he saw the situation at the club and wanted to help,” Laporta said.

         “I still have to thank him and sacrifice money. We are changing the situation But now he has tried. It should be appreciated.”

         “They are the ones who make the club great, Messi and Iniesta are the best, I can’t predict the future. They are still playing. But they make the club great. We will always remember them even though they are now at another club and you have to respect that. But you never know.”

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Joan Laporta has released a statement on Barcelona and Lionel Messi’s situation on why they couldn’t “go on” despite the player agreeing a new offer with the club.

“We had an agreement with Messi to sign a five-year contract, but we paid him only two years, Leo agreed to the offer. It has been answered We believe it will be an agreement that meets Financial Fair Play requirements, but La Liga does not allow it.”

“Negotiations with Leo Messi are over, we cannot register Messi because of La Liga rules, they are not flexible with us on the salary cap. We have made an agreement with Leo. But we can’t register them.

It is very unfortunate for Barça fans. to lose world-class footballers By last year, he wanted to move the team. But Barca did not let go. After coming this year, he wants to stay and help the team. but can’t stay