‘Messi’ admitted that if he did not win the world championship

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Lionel Messi has admitted he would have retired from Argentina if he had not won the World Cup in Qatar.

. By beating France in the penalty shoot-out final,

Messi was named the tournament’s best player and he later said he would continue with the Blues because he still wanted to play as a player. champion team

However, in an interview with the media in his homeland, Messi admitted that he would have stopped playing for the national team had he not won the World Cup last year. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

“I enjoyed every moment of the World Cup very much. I enjoyed it as if I had never been to the World Cup before. Partly because I knew it might be my last World Cup. And to be honest, if we hadn’t won the World Cup I wouldn’t have played for the national team,” Messi said.

“It would have ended then. but not now Being a world champion, I couldn’t stop playing for the national team. I have to enjoy every moment. But at that time I was enjoying the World Cup and at the same time I felt calm and confident in the squad we had.

” United States in the 2016 final, before changing his mind a few months later.

Although Messi has not retired from international football, he has said he will not stay until the 2026 World Cup, when he will be almost his age. 40 years