Sergio Busquets is proud to set a record to Xabi.

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Spain midfielder Sergio Busquets is set to make his 133th appearance for the Reds. Equaling the record-breaking third-highest scorer in Barcelona’s current coach Xabi Hernandez.

Spain captain Sergio Busquets has reveal that he is proud to set a record 133 games for Barcelona football team. ​​Equal to Xabi Hernandez the former Spain midfielder. and current coach. of Barcelona after preparing to lead the team to play in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Sweden on Sunday night. According to Marca

Busquets is set to play his 133th game for Spain. Equal to Xabi’s record behind Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas, two of the most active against Bulls. Best 180 and 167 games respectively. 

‘I am the same here and at Barcelona.’ the 33-year-old said ‘I feel very valuable and try to enjoy everything with the utmost seriousness.

‘Xabi as a player is one of the best players in the history of Spain, although not the best.

‘We partnered in midfield with Andres (Iniesta) with a special feeling as a trio.’

‘It’s a pride to over take him. Because of his career path and as a coach I hope he finds the best.’

‘I know how he views football. I don’t know how he is a coach. But he definitely learned a lot.’

‘I feel very good and very happy. I hope I can play more games. But it depends on many things. But I’m happy with the group here.’