‘Greenwood’ shares pictures of first child

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has announced the good news via Instagram that he is already a father. The 21-year-old spearhead

Greenwood and Robson have patched up their relationship since the 21-year-old striker was arrested in January 2022 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and have even gotten engaged while they awaited the birth of their first child together.

posted a picture holding hands with his newly-born baby. With the caption saying “11.07.23”

Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood has become a father for the first time, as he announced on Instagram. The 21-year-old shared a heartwarming photo of two hands next to their newborn baby’s. The caption accompanying the image simply read, ‘11.07.23’, followed by a love heart. This is the first post Greenwood has made on the social media platform in 18 months, since his initial arrest that led to his suspension from the club. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Greenwood is now back with his childhood girlfriend again. After having problems suing before, but in the end, the woman did not take the blame. It was expected that the aristocratic center plans to formally marry the girlfriend after the birth of their first child.

Although starting off the field, returning to the groove, but his football path is still a question mark whether he can return to play for the “Red Devils” or not.